These 16 People Are Suffering From The Most Awkward Syndrome Ever

Hover hand…have you encountered it?

Hover hand syndrome occurs when someone takes a picture with someone they really respect, like, or are attracted to…and can’t bring themselves to actually touch the person. It’s strange, it’s awkward, and it just keeps happening to people everywhere.

1. “No touching.”

2. We’re pretty sure you’re allowed.

3. Wait… Topanga and Lance Bass?!?!

4. McLovin’ is still a nerd.

5. The trauma of hover hand is real.

6. “I’m… sooo… nervous.”

7. His anaconda don’t want none.

8. “We’re just friends.”

9. Tony Stark, you are clearly not.

10. This dude took double fisting to a new level.

11. Honestly, this isn’t a terrible idea.

12. Well this is h’awwwkward.

13. The Force is not strong with you, George.

14. Someone’s stuck in the friend-zone.

15. Floating-hand?

16. Nerd alert. Right angle status.

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